It would be great if the Buddha’s four truths were taught in schools all over the world : YOGI ISHA’S



Question 1: Ukrainian citizen Yogi Isha Mit Valakusari, welcome to our swaviman online media ?

Yogi Isha’s answer: Namaste! Thank you very much! I’m happy to talk!

Q 2: First of all, would you like to introduce yourself?

Yogi: My spiritual name is Yogi Isha. I am a disciple of Pilot Babaji and I got this name from my Guruji. My path in yoga began at the age of 12. I was born in a country where yoga was not widespread, so at the beginning of my path I had to go forward on my own. It was not easy. But the memory of past practices and faith in God always kept me going on. At 16, I had a serious spiritual experience, and if I lived in India or Nepal, I would become a sanyasi. My whole spiritual nature was looking for only God. I had not known yet who my Master was, but I always felt a connection and support from a Guru whom I had not known yet, but I just felt. This also gave me special support. Eventually, my efforts gave a result. The path of yoga is a constant movement forward. You can’t stop here and look back. If there is faith, then everything will help on the path of yoga.

Q 3: Even though you are a Christian, why did you enter the Sanatan Hindu Dharma spiritual field?

Yogi: Sanatana Dharma does not belong only to Hindus. It is an eternal religion and the path of the soul. It belongs to those who actually follow this path. After all, real values are Universal. But there is a culture of society, and this culture was created by the human mind. Sanatana Dharma is not created by the human mind, it is a self-manifested and natural thing. Therefore, stepping on the path of yoga and the Eternal Religion, I simply became natural. Christ was natural. Buddha was natural. But religion as a culture is created by the human mind. I respect the Christian culture of the country in which I live, and even sang in the church choir for 10 years and helped to conduct the service in the church. But I am a yogi and therefore not bound by all this.

Q 4: UIn fact, there is nothing greater than humanity. All religions teach this. Karl Marx called religion an opium, what do you have to say about this?

Yogi: Religion as a culture is a product of the human mind, but the human mind did not create God. However, the human mind has created an idea about God. All religions talk about God, they talk about Ishwara. And I, as a yogi, respect culture, but yogis worship the God gos outside all cultures. As a yogi, I go beyond the mind and therefore go beyond cultures and religions. The mind is always duality and always has some error. Karl Marx had a mind, and his mind also had an error. I also have a mind and as a human being I can also make mistakes, but as a yogi I go beyond the mind and there can be no mistakes.

Q 5: In your opinion, what is religion?

Yogi: The Eternal Religion was not created, it manifested itself, just as the Universe manifested itself. But if we talk about the religions of the world then this is the result of the work of the human mind. The highest goal of any religion is the achievement of the Supreme. And the basic principles that profess religions are correct. But God is above religions and above sacred writings. Whoever follows the path of such religions gets to what these religions talk about, and whoever follows the path of Ishvara comes to Ishvara.


Q 6: In the beginning, who made you enter the spiritual field including meditation, how is your life going now?

Yogi: I was inducing to spirituality by the memory of my past life. Yoga came to me from my past. When a fruit tree is just planted, it does not immediately bear fruit, but we have to wait a little while it grows. The same with me. When the time came, everything began to manifest itself in me. I moved completely independently, just me and my way. Meditation also came naturally. Yoga had existed for a long time, and the Great Yogis left their vibrations in the world. If you are attentive and very quiet, you can feel them, and this will give you good opportunities. But my karma is such that I met my Master Pilot Babaji and that is the culmination. Everything, that I need now, comes from my Guru.

Q 7: What is life in your spiritual point of view, what does the world’s human beings do to become religion and how is the welfare of the world?

Yogi: Life is a wonderful gift from God. But life has a beginning and the end. However, there is another gift, it’s the immortality. Jesus also spoke of the immortality. His sermons were saturated with yoga. Human’s life is very valuable and must be used wisely to achieve the subject that is not decayed, that does not die.

Q 8:Now the Ukraine-Russia war has destroyed the life of the human community in the world. How can the war be resolved?

Yogi: I am not a politician, I am a yogi and I believe in the power of thought. If many people in the world would have good and pure thoughts, then many problems in the world could be solved. Most people do not control their thoughts and words, and people suffer because of it, the world is suffering and nature. It would be great if more people would meditate and create peace. This release not only to the Ukraine-Russia war. All wars end, but the world and its problems do not. We need to create a different society, with peaceful and good thoughts. If this does not happen, then the world of people may not exist. Therefore, yoga is very necessary now. And many work for the good of the world, although their work is invisible to people. The real great things happen inconspicuously.

Q 9: What do you have to say about Hinduism that brought casteism and promoted Brahmanism? Which is not in Christianity?

Yogi: Christ brought words about God about kindness and love. When there is love, there are no castes. Love makes everyone equal. Even through love, a man can be equal to God. But Christianity and Christ are not the same thing. So is Hinduism and other religions. Casteism in Hinduism is a difficult issue even for Hindus themselves. There is a lot of politics here. Holy writings can be interpreted in different ways. But the scriptures speak of the One, and that there is nothing but Brahman. So what can be the difference between people if there is really only the One. But only who know their higher nature can go beyond castes and traditions. They stand in the One. When there will be more and more enlightened people, this situation may change radically.

Q 10: What do you think needs to be done to end superstition, superstition and sacrificial practices around the world?

Yogi: We cannot change the world. We can change ourselves and then the world around us would begin to change. You need to enlighten yourself, and it would shine from yourself for others. Then others can also change by looking at you. Many people talk about changing the world, but do nothing to change themselves. The world begins with ourselves. Peace in the world begins with our meditation. No one can meditate for us, not even our Guru. When there was peace in the souls of people, then there would be wealth and prosperity in the world. And the bad and demonic things in the world would disappear. There would be more divine energy.

Q 11: Is there an increase in violence, war, murder and violence everywhere in the world? Is buddha’s education really lacking? What do you say about this?

Yogi: Yes. It would be great if the Buddha’s four truths were taught in schools all over the world. This will give teenagers an opportunity to think about themselves and eternal values. But schools do not give knowledge about the soul. The world teaches how to earn money, how to get a profession to earn money. But we don’t have to wait for someone to change the world.  

Practicing spirituality, a person transforms not only himself, but also contributes significantly to the transformation of the whole world. So, all those who do yoga or meditate are doing a great job for the whole world. Let such a thought inspire everyone who on the path of spirituality and self realization.

Q 12: In fact, the world is a family. What is your view from a spiritual point of view?

Yogi: Yes. The world is a big family. Humanity has a chance to become a big family. For this, there must be changes in people’s worldview. The human outlook must be transformed. Thought must be transformed. Practicing spirituality, a person transforms not only himself, but also contributes significantly to the transformation of the whole world. So, all those who do yoga or meditate are doing a great job for the whole world. Let such a thought inspire everyone who on the path of spirituality and self realization. Even a small spiritual step can be the beginning of great changes in the world. Now is the time for big changes and transformation. Many souls have a longing for spirituality.

Hari Om! Thank you very much! I am pleased to communicate with you. I wish you success! Thank you!



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